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About School of Passion

Today’s education system follows conventional methods which are not a result-oriented or a purpose-oriented system. One doesn’t know why one is learning what is being taught and where/how it will be used.

School of Passion believes that one should pursue one’s passion, the outcome of which will be getting into a profession, which will make the whole working experience fun, non-stressful and the productivity quotient will rise both for the person working and the organization, which in turn contributes positively on the Economic growth of the Nation.

Creative enthusiasts/design enthusiasts who want to make a career in the graphics/web design/gaming/animation industry, either find opposition from their influencers that it is not going to fetch a secured career in the design field, or the learning period is long or the fee is high. Sometimes the students are skilled enough but lag communication skills. In some cases, students end up being a mere creator and not a complete designer, he/she is dependant on the senior to tell what to do. But the industry needs a complete designer or rather an executer who can proactively conceptualize, design (with speed and creativity) as well as have confidence and communication skills to understand requirements and present one’s own idea.

At School of Passion, we will solve all these issues by giving teaching with a method where we start keeping the end in mind. The purpose, clarity of learning, the process of conceptualizing, creating designs using the software, design principles, how to create effective and fast, practicing rigorously by working on real-time requirements – all of this in minimal time and with a goal of getting one ready to use these skills and start making a career in it.
This method will increase the overall productivity and happiness quotient.

About the trainer

  • Name – Roshan Raykar.
  • Experience in design services business since 2011.
  • Started the First Animation Studio of North Karnataka.
  • Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum.
  • Invited to be a part of the India Economic Summit twice by World Economic Forum.
  • Been a student, a businessman and a trainer – who knows the difficulties of all the stakeholders, now on a mission to bridge the need-gap of creative design skills in the industry by making it simple, easy, fast and fun.
About our courses

There is no age bar. Any one who has passed out 10th Standard to as old as 60+ years is welcome.

What will be the outcome?

The right production cycle of graphic designing / animation / digital marketing will be covered with the process of requirement understanding, execution process, right ways of communication with Client/Boss+ smart ways of working, which will make one equipped with the right knowledge and process, to be an industry-ready professional. The most important exercise will be working on versatile real-time sample-project requirements, to ensure that the student implements what is learned and has a hands-on experience on evaluating one’s own strengths & weaknesses and understands what it takes to be a Pro and the all-around skill set required before working on live projects as a freelancer or as a full time professional in a Company.

Graphic designing

There are 2 courses to choose from:

Graphic Design (Crash) Course

₹ 2,500

All essentials
+ Support
+ Public Webinars

Graphic Design Pro

₹ 25,000

All essentials
+ Live work execution
+ Projects
+ Personalised Coaching

This is where it all began in Feb 2011, in a small garage space in Hubli. The hustle to turn my Passion into Profession.

Sadhguru: ‘If you put your Mind, Body & Soul in whatever you do, you have 100% control over achieving your goal’..

At the Ministry of Skill Development, Indian Government, with Fellow Global Shapers & Young Global Leaders of World Economic Forum.

At the Ministry of Science & Technology, Indian Government, with Fellow Global Shapers & Young Global Leaders of World Economic Forum.

Dr. Shalini Rajneesh, IAS, Principal Secretary Department of Primary & Secondary Education, Karnataka.

Prof Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman of World Economic Forum at the India Economic Summit.

Huuballi - Our animation series concept to popularize Hubli Kannada dialect & Karnataka's history.

Mr Anil Kapoor said "Roshan, main chahunga ki tu apni roshni aise hi phailaate rahe" It was #jhakaas

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