Digital Marketing Course cover

Digital Marketing Course

Instructor: Rosh

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

₹30000 including 18% GST

If you want to be a Digital Marketer, who will be known for his/her skills + solution providing capabilities as a professional, this is the course you need to take up. If you are really passionate about doing something big with Digital Marketing skills, enroll right now, and let's make it happen together!

Day Agenda
Day 1 Cover fundamentals
Day 2 Digital Marketing Demystified in 5 Mins!
Day 3 Unlearning before learning
Day 4 Fundamentals of digital marketing
Day 5 Goal setting
Day 6 Digital marketing process
Day 7 5 Best Digital Marketing Tools to Grow a Business
Day 8 Requirement understanding
Day 9 Market Research
Day 10 Setting goals of a digital marketing campaign
Day 11 Setting a strategy / plan / clear goals
Day 12 Content / copywriting
Day 13 Content planning
Day 14 Content marketing
Day 15 Understanding the content space from real time scenarios
Day 16 Website design essentials
Day 17 Domain,hosting
Day 18 Designing with wordpress
Day 19 Maintenance
Day 20 Blog writing
Day 21 Email Marketing
Day 22 E-mail designing
Day 23 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Day 24 YouTube Marketing
Day 25 Creating 1st video
Day 26 Engaging the audience
Day 27 Analysing results
Day 28 Facebook Marketing
Day 29 Creating 1st campaign
Day 30 Engaging the audience
Day 31 Analysing results
Day 32 Twitter Marketing
Day 33 Creating 1st campaign
Day 34 Engaging the audience
Day 35 Analysing results
Day 36 Instagram Marketing
Day 37 Creating 1st campaign
Day 38 Engaging the audience
Day 39 Analysing results
Day 40 LinkedIn Marketing
Day 41 Creating 1st campaign
Day 42 Engaging the audience
Day 43 Analysing results
Day 44 Pinterest Marketing
Day 45 Creating 1st campaign
Day 46 Engaging the audience
Day 47 Analysing results
Day 48 Quora Marketing
Day 49 Creating 1st campaign
Day 50 Engaging the audience
Day 51 Analysing results
Day 52 Planning the calendar of posts
Day 53 Social media posting tools
Day 54 Whatsapp marketing
Day 55 Choosing the right platform for the campaign
Day 56 Organic reach strategies
Day 57 Influencer marketing
Day 58 Google AdWords Ads
Day 59 Google Analytics
Day 60 Facebook Ads
Day 61 App Marketing
Day 62 Hashtag Traffic Generation - Hashtag Marketing
Day 63 Affiliate marketing
Day 64 Execution
Day 65 Going live
Day 66 Test live on facebook, youtube, instagram
Day 67 Podcasting
Day 68 Making 1st podcast
Day 69 Vlogging
Day 70 Creating 1st Vlog
Day 71 Use of stories and reels
Day 72 Releasing 1st impactful reel & story
Day 73 Understanding crossplatform connection & impact
Day 74 Understanding copyright issues
Day 75 Graphic design process introduction
Day 76 Designing with Photoshop
Day 77 Basics of Illustrator
Day 78 Designing with Canva
Day 79 Pixabay and pexels
Day 80 Freepik and stories
Day 81 Elements
Day 82 Introduction to animation/video making
Day 83 Creating videos with biteable
Day 84 Video editing with Adobe Premiere
Day 85 Balance between goals - content - design - campaign - strategy - analysis
Day 86 Lead generation
Day 87 Converting leads to sales
Day 88 Reporting
Day 89 Tips/tricks/tools
Day 90 Enhancing efficiency
Day 91 Communication
Day 92 Project management
Day 93 Case study
Day 94 Case study
Day 95 Case study
Day 96 Building portfolio
Day 97 Getting ready for 1st job
Day 98 Getting ready for freelancing
Day 99 Review
Day 100 Conclusion


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